Please be assured that your safety -- and the safety of all our members, program participants, staff and volunteers -- is our number one priority. We’re following guidelines from health experts and local officials to ensure that our facilities meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety.

We ask that you please:

  • Be respectful of the 6 feet or more social distancing requirement.
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well for any reason.
  • Remember classes and programs have limited space and will be first-come, first-served.
  • Not arrive more than 10 minutes before an group exercise class.
  • Use our provided sanitizer to clean any machines, weights, bars, dumbbells, etc. after use.
  • Ohio Mask Order: masks required inside public spaces and outdoors where social distancing is not available. We are asking our members and guests to abide by this standard, which is:
    • Wear a mask when entering and exiting the facility
    • Wear a mask in common areas (hallways, locker rooms and etc.)
    • We are not requiring masks to be worn when:
      • In the pool
      • Exercising in a class or on fitness equipment
    • Please be kind to our staff who are now required by law to enforce this order.

Keep scrolling for a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions).



 Cardio Yes Yes
 Free Weights Yes Yes
 Weight Machines Yes Yes
 Locker Rooms Yes Yes
 Saunas Yes X
 Pool - Lap Swim See schedule See schedule
 Pool - Open Swim See schedule See schedule
 Basketball Court See schedule See schedule
 Racquetball Yes, racquets and balls available to borrow or purchase  X
 Child Watch

See schedule

See schedule
 Game Room Yes X
 Group Exercise See schedule See schedule
 Healthy Aging TBD Yes
 Swim Lessons Yes Yes
 Gymnastics Yes X
 Dance TBD X
 Martial Arts Yes X
 Archery X Yes
 Preschool & School Age
 licensed child care
Yes Yes
 Vending Yes  
 Water Fountains Yes Yes
 Water Bottle
 Filling Station
Yes Yes
 Workout towels Not available Not available
 Bath Towel Rental Yes X
 Coffee X Not available
 Day Pass / Guests Yes Yes
 Membership Sales  Yes Yes

TBD = To Be Determined



QUESTION: Do members have to wear masks to enter the building?
ANSWER: Yes, starting July 23, 2020 per the Ohio mask order. You may take off your mask if you are actively exercising or playing sports.


Q: Can I bring in a towel?
A: Yes. Members can bring in a towel for their personal use (face, hands, neck, etc.). Cleaning of any YMCA machines or equipment will be done with supplies that are provided.


Q: Do members have to make appointments to come in?
A: No, walk in any time we're open -- just like you did before!


Q: Do I have to make a reservation to attend a class?
A: No. Classes will be held in a space appropriate for participants to maintain the recommended 6-foot distance. For example, we may start in what's been called the "group exercise room," but move to one side of the gym or outdoors if we have a number of participants that would crowd the space.


Q: Do I have to reserve pool space?
A: No. When the pool is open, swimmers can select a lap in which to swim, jog or do whatever aquatic exercises fit in their lane. 


Q: Can I bring in my own water bottle?
A: Yes, please stay hydrated! You will be able to refill it at one of the hands-free stations in the Fitness Center in both Massillon and Navarre. (Traditional water fountains will not be available.)


Q: Will you have cleaning supplies available?
A: Yes. We're stocked up on spray bottles with the appropriate virucide. In the building, members are encouraged to carry one that we will provide and to use our disposable products to wipe down any equipment or machines after use. YMCA staff will also be cleaning.


Q: Are locker rooms open?
A: Yes. As is the recommendation throughout the building, please maintain distance between yourself and other members.


Q: What classes are being offered?
A: Please check the schedule for classes.