Impact Story Jan. 2018


January, 2018 TOWPATH TRAIL YMCA Impact Story: Tamara Hershberger


Tamara Hershberger has been working hard towards her goals at the Towpath Trail YMCA. What first started as a motivation to lose weight for a Disney vacation, has now turned into a way of life. And that day started March 8th, 2017.

Her dedication, hours of exercises and changes to her eating habits have resulted in extraordinary results; 115 pounds worth.

This dramatic weight loss has been lifechanging for her both physically and mentally. For example, she’s had to adjust to wearing smaller sizes. “I have 35 pairs of pants that don’t fit me anymore,” she states.

She’s also noticed that she has more energy and less pain in her joints. “My feet would be so swollen throughout the day and then walking down the steps from work hurt so badly.” Things are different though today. “It doesn’t hurt anymore,” she resolves.

With the guidance of the Lady Boss program and her membership at the YMCA, Tamara has discovered a new way of life and she’s come to make herself a priority. “I’ve never been proud of myself my whole entire life,” she says, “and I’ve always wanted to be happy.”  Now she proclaims, “I can finally say that I’m both happy and proud of myself.”

She’s learned new ways of thinking about herself and her relationship with food. After years of struggling with overeating since childhood, she is now able to break old habits. With discipline and perseverance, she works to minimize the negative thoughts that arise and replace them instead with positive affirmations of herself and the food that she eats. 

The YMCA has served as a welcoming place where she feels comfortable working towards her goals each week. She also enjoys the free Child Watch room where her son plays while she’s exercising. It’s helped keep her motivated. “I want to keep coming back,” she says.

It’s been a place that has made her feel welcome. "I enjoy seeing the same people in the fitness room each time I'm in," she says. Tamara also has taken notice of the community impact such as the 5K runs and the child care the Y offers to families. These are just some of the things that set the YMCA apart from any other organization. “It has everything you need,” she affirms.

A woman of strength and commitment, Tamara has no plans on turning back now. “I’ve never once stopped,” she declares. Her favorite quote states: “I want to see what happens if I keep going.”

With just 5 more pounds to go to reach her goal of losing 120 pounds, she plans on taking her son on a cruise for her birthday in May as a reward for both of them. She advises those with New Year resolutions to commit to them 100% and incorporate them into your daily routine. And in time, you’ll surprise yourself with just how far you’ve come.

So whether you eat or drink,

Or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31




Written by Kaitlyn Meister


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